Dr. Sara Mirzaee

About Sara

I hold an MBA degree from Royal Roads & Sharif University, and DBA from Swiss Management University. I’m honor on my 30 Years experiences that 25 years of it is in sales and marketing, branding, market research and advertising


I have published more than 40 articles and interviews, as well as 10 books in marketing and branding & leadership.


I was named & awarded as the best speakers among 20 speakers in 3 seminars on branding and marketing.

I believe in sharing the knowledge cycle and I have the chance of teaching in Marketing association, Tehran University, Industrial Management Organization and TMBA institute for several years.


I know I can add value to any organization as an expert and an experienced person not only academicals one.

To set a meeting time pls contact me.

My Highlights:


I deeply capture the essence of the brands.
I believe for an effective communication we should mine the insights of the consumers.


I like to have a unique and original idea while in some cases reviewing international creative concepts may cross some ideas to my mind.


What differentiate me is my approach in solution providing. I believe we should find a way or build a new way.

Every picture contains of many pixels and I should arrange & integrate each pixel. I provide solutions to my clients not only an advertising idea.

My values:

I respect client’s point of views

I’m transparent and honest

I believe in talent’s expertise

I’m a committed responsible person

I believe in doing the right things at the right time

Having a good feeling of a challenging work is more important than financially good feeling.

I do my best in all I do

My Expertise:


Brand strategy

Your brand is the foundation of your sky scraper


Communication strategy:

The best strategic creative solution can improve your brand equity and lead to sales increase.


Marketing strategy:

Your current and new markets, segments, target groups should be treated and communicated as effective as possible.